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Minimal Installer:

Full Client:

System Requirements:

Minimum Recommendation

Pentium 4 @ 2.8gHz
RAM: 512 MB Mb
Disk Space: 6GB
Video RAM: Nvidia GeForce 6600 or better

Intel Core Duo @ 2.3gHz or higher
Disk Space: 10GB
Video RAM: GeForce 9400 GT or better

Steampunk Hybrid MMORPG

Join the world of Argo! Choose your faction: either the masters of steampunk technology, the Noblian, or the protectors of nature, the Floresslah, and battle for the future of the world!

    Argo features:

  • Unique steampunk-inspired design
  • Optional third-person shooter combat mode
  • Massive PvP battles, castle sieges and arenas
  • Roaming open-world bosses
  • Rich crafting and questing systems

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    • Faction War

      The daily battle for resources! Victory requires the complete destruction of the enemy mining equipment, and the victors can claim the area resources.

    • Castle Siege

      The weekly battle to claim a castle for your guild, and ownership of the surrounding territories! Fight other guilds, as well as the powerful Castle Guards and protective Towers, to take control of the castle.

    • Arena

      Brutal, fast-paced team PvP combat. 3v3 or 5v5 battles to the death in an arena, so pick your team carefully, and step into the proving grounds!

    • Guild Housing

      Claim your guild housing, and buff up your entire guild! Guild housing can be controlled by the Guild Leader and Vice-leader.

    ARGO Trailer

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